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Welcome to the wiki Earendel's Factorio Mods[edit]

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About this wiki[edit]

The content of this wiki is to help users understand Earendel's mods. Some mods already have documentation in-game if you also have the Informatron mod installed, just press 'I' to access that content. The content held on the wiki is more comprehensive and contains more community tips and tricks.

If you are looking for content specific to Space Exploration, then mod stack has its own wiki here:

This wiki is a work in progress. If you have an understanding of any of the listed mods you can save us some time by getting started on a page.

Adding content[edit]

Feel free to add stuff to the wiki yourself but try to make sure it is accurate.


  • You cannot upload any of the mod assets unless they are images of 128x128px or less (downscaling before uploading is allowed). Note: You can upload screenshot of the game that contain mod assets without any size restriction. Try to keep filesize low so the page still loads quickly.
  • Do not upload images that contain spoilers relating to secrets and exploration (mainly applies to Space Exploration).
  • Instructions or encouragement to modify the mod's code is not allowed.
  • Vulgar, offensive, or inflammatory content is not allowed.
  • If you break the rules you may get banned.


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